Hunan Food- Spicy And Colorful Cuisine In China

Hunan food is the famous cuisines named after the cuisines of the Hunan province in China, it is also known as the Xiang cuisine all over the world. Hunan food has various characteristics which make this cuisine really unique in terms of taste and the look. Hunan food further has many variants as it has originated from three places in China, each place has its own way of cooking Hunan food. They have their own way of presenting the dishes, own taste of spices and also own choice of various ingredients.

Features of the Hunan food

Basically, Hunan food is spicy and hot in taste whereas the look of the dishes are having deep colours which make them look really mouth watering. Hunan food is something which a spicy food lover should necessarily have at least once in their life.

  • Garlic and chilli peppers are the main ingredients that provide the required taste in Hunan food. Due to these ingredients, hunan food is spicy and extremely hot.
  • One important feature of the Hunan food is that Hunan food was prepared to keep the ongoing season mind. In the summer season, the Hunan cuisine is mainly cold meat with additional flavours of chilli and pepper, the spiciness of the cuisines are kept less as compared to the latter. In the winter season, the cuisine is smoking hot aimed to provide the body with heat.
  • The Hunan food has a lot of vegetables in its ingredients, a wide variety of vegetables in the Hunan cuisine adds to the colour of the cuisine and also some natural taste.
  • Hunan food is generally made up of pork, chicken and beef meat which are mixed with chillies and garlic to give a spicy taste to the meats.

Common dishes of Hunan cuisine

Hunan cuisine consists of various dishes made of pork meat, beef, fishes, chicken and variety of seafood also. Every meat is given a different kind of spicy touch and the dishes have deep coloured look due to the vegetables included in the dishes. There are some dishes which are available in all parts of the world such as Boiled Catfish, Shredded pork with peppers, eggs added with roasted peppers, fish head with pepper sauce etc.

All these dishes are made from the traditional method of cooking Hunan food and the food is given a specific amount of spiciness and colourfulness without which the food cannot be counted in Hunan cuisine.

Hunan food outside China

There are restaurants all over the world which specialize in Hunan food. These restaurants have trained Chinese cooks who are able to give the cuisines the accurate Hunan touch with adequate spiciness in the food. The Hunan food is loved by a huge number of people and there are many live events restaurant all over the world which serve amazing and tasty Hunan cuisine.

Hunan Cuisine plays an essential role to make up the traditional Chinese food which is loved by people of China and the foreign countries also.

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