It’s Time To Upgrade Your Locker System

It’s time to upgrade your locker system in the apartment building, in your facility, or in your store. The modular locker room or locker system that you choose should be selected purely because you would like to have easy access to each locker, avoid traditional locks, and avoid intruders who could open these lockers. Look at each step in the process so that you can learn how to set up a room like this. These rooms could facilitate shipments, keep your team comfortable, or provide you with the peace of mind you need.

1.The Modular Lockers Do Not Take Regular Locks

The modular lockers you buy do not take regular locks. People can pick, guess the numbers, or cut regular locks. These new locker systems have special keypads, or they have a space where you need to scan a code just to open the door. There are many different wys to enter each locker, and it all depends on what is best for you. The keypad is good for lockers in your store or your apartment building. You might need to use the scanner or QR codes to get into delivery lockers.

2. The Modular Lockers Could Be Any Shape Or Size

The modular lockers could be any shape and size. You could organize them with different sizes and directional considering what you think you need. You could put in thin lockers that are very tall, and you could use small lockers that are basically a square shape. You could ask for a special layout, and you need to ask the installer how they would lay out the room. You can work from a sketch that the installer created for you, and they will explain why they have laid out the room the way that they did. In fact, you might have the locker room laid out to accommodate very tall people, short people, or the different types of packages that you deliver.

3. Can People Breach The Doors?

These locker rooms are very secure because you cannot reach in the gaps between the doors to pull them open. You never want to feel as though someone could just pry the door open, and you will avoid that when you are using the upgraded locker system. However, you need to be sure that you have the lockers bolted to the wall. Someone who tried to yank on the door could bring down the whole unit. You are protecting your customers or packages, but you need to protect people by bolting everything to the wall.

4. How Do You Gain Access To The Lockers?

You can get a skeleton key code that will get you into every locker, and you can easily manage these lockers by placing new things in the lockers, cleaning them out, and checking to make sure that they have been cleared out. You need to have one of these codes when your customers cannot get into the lockers, and you need a faster way to get into the locker instead of carrying around a skeleton key.

5. How Are The Lockers Constructed?

The lockers are made from durable plastic, wood, and metal locks. The locks bolt tight, and they fit into a heavy frame rail that will prevent the door from opening without the code. The keypads on the lockers are usually controlled by a small battery or light power. You simply need to determine which sort of locker room you want. You could buy something that is made from heavy steel with the cage style you are used to, or you could build up a locker room that reminds you of the train station or airport.

6. Conclusion

There are several different ways to protect your shipments, give your customers the items they have ordered, and secure everything in the. modular locker room You can work with the locker installation company to choose a set of lockers you know you will use, or you could ask the company if they have a pla to help you that will best utilize the space in the locker room. All you need to do is ask for a consultation so that you can plan your brand new locker room.

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