Physio Abbotsford And Its Wide Range of Services

The basic philosophy that is part of the Hillcrest Physiotherapy is that they are always available in providing the best care to the patients and to make sure that the patients are getting the right kind of treatment so that they recover quickly and lead a healthy life. All the patients and the clients are treated at a one on one basis and the doctors make it a point to see that they are getting the right kind of treatment. The methods that are used by the doctor’s rage from traditional physiotherapy to even guided exercises for postural correction.

Vestibular rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation is a kind of treatment that is exercise based and is designed with a specialized vestibular therapy in order to improve the balance and to reduce problems related to dizziness. This is a treatment that is done for patients who suffer from balance disorders or vertigo. The treatment by the Hillcrest Physiotherapies are thus increasing the popularity of the Vestibular rehab Abbotsford for good. This disease needs to treated with a lot of care as it may affect the quality of the patient’s life. The basic symptom of this disease is fear of darkness and a sense of feeling that people are going to harm them.

Finding the root cause of pain

Too often it has been seen that the many clinics of physical therapy Abbotsford focus on the symptom rather than the cause of the disease. This may mislead the doctors to some aspect as well. For example, a tennis pain that is starting on the elbow may start first from the leg and the doctors may often get confused by the location of the pain and may prescribe the wrong medicines. However, at Hillcrest physiotherapies, the doctors are well trained and experienced in knowing the root cause of the pain and they are always there to prescribe the right kind of medicine to their patients.

Analyzing the history of the injury

It is a psychological fact that most people diagnosed with a disease feel better when they know what disease has affected their body. They feel happy by knowing their own condition. That is the reason why the doctors start with a through the history of the injury or illness that the patient is suffering from. After analyzing the history of the illness, the doctor’s resort to do a comprehensive evaluation of the physical pain and start with the treatment right at the very first visit only. The treatments of the Physio Abbotsford is designed in a way that is to give the patients the strategies to get rid of the symptoms at a fast rate.

Types of treatment to name a few

The illness that are treated by the Physiotherapist Abbotsford are as follows:

  • Low back pain: It is one of the most common forms of physical pain and is generally found in sports men and elderly people.
  • Tendonitis: It is the injury that is found in the tennis elbow and is caused due to the tendon injury. It is also found in people who play a lot of tennis and badminton.
  • Post-surgery: Post surgery pain is a severe pain that affects the body and makes the person weak from inside. Thus, the doctors at Hillcrest have the right kind of medicines to treat this as well.

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