Secret Steps to Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer

YouTube is one of the most accessed websites of millennials. Normally, there are 1,300,000,000 plus users using YouTube daily with 5 billion videos being watched every 24 hours.

So, naturally, one does not need to verify what a significant role YouTube plays in the life of Generation Y and Z. However, YouTube has one con, which is it prevents the direct download of videos and audios. As a result, users might have to sign in to popular apps for downloading music and videos. Now, this costs money and often, certain videos and songs aren’t even available for download on free apps.

So, what is the solution? Well, thanks to technology many users today rely on the best free YouTube downloader to solve this predicament.

Now, if you’re wondering how this endeavour is possible then you’ve come to the right blog! Today’s topic will discuss secret tips to download YouTube videos without hassle.

Read on,

Download YouTube Videos from a Website

The simplest way most website users download their favourite YouTube video is via online websites. All that is required is entering the YouTube URL and converting the video via a free YouTube converter.

Here are the Steps Involved:

  1. Find the YouTube page, which has the video you wish to download. After this, either select the URL directly via highlighting it in with the mouse or press Ctrl+L from your keyboard to highlight the URL. Once you’ve done that right-click and copy the URL via your mouse or the Ctrl+C. In case, you’re an Apple user use the command key (⌘) instead of control C.
  2. Now, go to a selected free YouTube converter and open the website.
  3. In this website, you’ll find a box that states – ‘Paste URL here’. In that URL, use the Ctrl+V option to paste the YouTube URL you copied. Now, you’ll be provided with a convert option, so click on that option. However, before converting do not forget to select the format you wish to convert to.

[Note: The formats available are mp3, mp4, 3GP, Avi, MOV and WMV. If you wish to convert the video to a song go for Mp3. However, if it is the full video you want, pick mp4 or a suitable video format compatible with your PC.]

  1. Once you have selected the format, click on convert and wait for the video to be processed.
  2. After it is converted, your internet browser will ask what to do with the video/audio file?
  3. Click on save to PC, and let it download to a recommended folder.

Well, now that the video is downloaded, go to the folder where it was saved and you can access it. You can also rename it as per your choice, or make a folder for YouTube videos to access it at whim.

Anyway, now that you know of the simple way to convert a YouTube video to an audio and visual file, find the best free YouTube downloader to suit your needs. So, hurry and enjoy your favourite videos or movies free via this impeccable solution. Good luck!

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