Significance Of En Caul Birth

A caul is referred to as a cowl goes on to cover the face and head of a new born baby. Caul or even en caul babies are a rare event. In fact some famous people born with a caul have gone on to become trendsetters. Though the sight of it could send shivers down the spine of a mother, but it is harmless and a part of the birth process. The attending doctor goes on to remove it in an easy manner.

Being a rare condition as 1 out of nearly 80,000 babies is born via this source. This could go on to provide an alien and strange appearance to the child. So no surprises to the fact some strange myths have poured about this type of birth. The Europeans did go on to rate it as a symbol of good luck, and a child born in this manner was destined for greater things to come. This is if the caul was white or red and if the caul was black it did point to the occurrence of bad luck. Till date in Russia a caul birth individual is considered to be a baby born with a shirt. Though there is no logic to click on to these superstitious some famous people all over the world have been born with a caul. The name that comes to the mind straight away appears to be Napoleon.

At the same time all folks do not go on to treat caul in a positive manner. In Rome it was believed that a caul did go on to become a vampire after birth and this is even if the person did go on to live for a long time.

The various types of cauls

Each and every caul is not made from the same tissue type. A common type of caul that occurs is the tissue that is incorporated from an amniotic sac. This is known to occur when a piece of an amniotic sac breaks off during the process of birth and becomes attached to the head or face of the little one.

The caul is removed in an easy manner as the doctor can peel it off. In some cases it is handed over to the mother as name sake. This is a practice that is still common than one may think off and still continues till this date as some traditions consider it as a token of good luck.

En caul birth

This is a different phenomenon when you compare it to the caul birth. This is a type of birth where the baby is full submerged in the amniotic sac. These types of births are premature and the doctors believe that such a type of birth occurs when mechanical pressure exists on the strong uterine contractions. These types of deliveries exist for extreme fragile babies.

This also goes on to differ from the conventional C section deliveries as the incision on the womb of a mother is being made at a different place.

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