The City Car Made from the Genesis Mint Concept

The Mint concept car from the house of Genesis has been counted among the most exhilarating city cars that follow a minimalist approach towards the in-car luxury. The Mint concept Genesis car is also a green car that has chosen electric as its sole source of power.

From an internal source of Genesis who serves at the Santa Rosa Genesis dealership, we came to know that the Mint Concept car will move with an estimated range of 200 miles derived from a 350KW fast-charging battery. In their version, the Genesis Mint Concept car is made to run errands and execute multiple shopping trips inside the urban periphery, rather than gearing up for off-road adventure trips.  What can be surprising is how Genesis turn this sophisticated vehicle into a fun-to-drive car.

Concept Behind the Minimalistic Design

To look at the Genesis Mint has an enchanting appeal carried out by its modern art design that suits best with the choice of warm colors offered in its lineup. Its glass roof breathes in an open freshness into its cabin. The other most intriguing part of its exterior components is its pair of rear doors that work as a reverse-scissor replacing the idea of a trunk of a sedan or a hatch. Genesis explained that it is made this way to provide easier access to the cargo space that is allotted behind the rear seats.

Luxury Appointments

The Genesis Mint is a small car, in which Genesis has instructed its designers to exercise a minimalist approach towards the comfort and luxury index inside the cabin. But as always Genesis has translated the concept of luxury with providing a maximum amount of space. You don’t find any center stack or the presence of any large infotainment screen, but anyone who gets inside the Genesis Mint will be pleasantly surprised with the strong presence of an oblong-shaped steering wheel that surely makes a place for a small touchscreen display to fetch all the necessary pieces of information.

The control panel is flanked by a number of large buttons aligned horizontally for quicker access to each of its key systems, among which you’ll also find a telephone.

Pleasure to Drive

The new Mint Concept Genesis car, in short, we can start with its accommodation capacity that doesn’t allow more than two people inside its neatly designed cabin, that soaks in ultimate comfort. The Mint Concept vehicle from Genesis is designed with the aim to make it easy for the driver, to maneuver the car around the serpentine roads of the town that meets a traffic-congested main road in a while. But even in this monotonous urban circumstances, the Genesis Mint Concept is a car that is also a pleasure to drive.

Summing Up

An expert of the Genesis dealer near Santa Rosa says that, as a newly constructed premium luxury brand, Genesis has embraced the most progressive design values, which the Mint Concept model has reinforced in its overall disposition. He continued that the Mint Concept of Genesis is a car that essentially belongs to the city and will be one of the best options to ease out the drudgery of a daily commute.

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