The Unexpected Benefits Of Vertical Blind For Bedroom

Having a nicely decorated and comfortable home is an essential component to feeling at ease whenever you or another person steps inside. If the decor of the house or even the amount of sunlight being let in feels like too much or too little, it can cause someone to experience a sense of drowsiness or uncomfortableness. That is why it is important to ensure that everything in your house is put together and matches in a way that is fashionable unique. Even though many people will not usually be stepping into your bedroom other than you and your partner, there is still no reason why you should not wish to decorate the room in a manner that you enjoy. There are many ways you can alter the appearance of a bedroom with the duvet and throw pillows, however, a typically unthought of way that changes the way your room looks is by adding vertical blinds. While many people may think of only curtains and drapes for the window in their bedroom, there are benefits to adding them to your room. Here are the unexpected benefits of vertical window blinds in dania beach and its window treatments for the bedroom.

A Multitude Of Options

One of the most beneficial advantages of placing vertical blinds in your bedroom is that they are a variety of options to choose from, all varying in their color and material. Vanes, which are the long, narrow strips that hang from the headrail and are the actual blinds, can be made of different fabric, wood, and even hard vinyl. Having a variety of options provides you with the opportunity to choose a type of vertical window blinds that go along with the overall decor of your bedroom as well as your lifestyle need. While vinyl blinds require less maintenance than other blinds and can lessen the amount of sunlight that is let into the room, fabric blinds have a variety of textures and patterns that can add a unique touch to the appearance of your bedroom. In addition, there are an endless amount of colors and overall styles to choose from. So no matter the design of the headrail hanging over the window, there will be a color and style option that can match it.

Additional SoundProofing

What many people may not realize about adding a window treatment, like vertical blinds, to the window in their bedroom is that they can add a layer of soundproofing. While people do not acknowledge the everyday sounds outside of their home, when they want a bit of peace and quiet, these sounds can be exceptionally loud. However, there is not much you can do about the noises of a lawnmower early in the morning or the voices of next door neighbors arguing. But, with vertical blinds, it can assist in blocking out these particularly annoying noises for when you are trying to get much-needed rest. As a matter of fact, most of the sounds that you can hear from the outside leaks in from your windows, which is exactly how blinds are able to absorb and halt from coming into the bedroom. So if you have frustratingly loud neighbors or workmen who make it their mission to wake the entire neighborhood up at 8 am on a Saturday, then the extra layer of soundproofing that vertical blinds add are a huge advantage.

Sunlight Control

Living in a state like Florida that is constantly sunny and hot, the one thing you want to not be warm is your bedroom. However, the sun regularly spews its rays of light in every direction – some of which we can see and some of which we can not. The rays that we can not see are typically the ones that are more likely to harm us and one example are UV rays. With vertical blinds, they are able to block these rays from entering your bedroom, therefore reducing the temperature of your room. As well, you can control the sunlight entering the room by keeping them as open or closed as you wish. If you want, you can even push them completely to the side if you want sunlight to pour into the room. This is a strong advantage that not every window shade is able to offer you for a low price.


One of the most beneficial aspects of vertical blinds is the fact that they are extremely cost-efficient and can save you money in multiple ways. The costs of vertical blinds vary depending on the type of blind and style. While the costs of vinyl vertical blinds, including installation and headrails, can range from $150 to $250, fabric blinds for the same sized window can range from $200 to $750. However, these prices are considerably cheaper than the costs of drapes, which can cost upwards to $1,500. The actual costs of the blinds are not the only way you will be able to save money though. As previously mentioned, vertical blinds have the ability to block UV rays from entering your bedroom and by reducing the rays that enter the room, it reduces the temperature. During the summer months, this will save you money on electric and air conditioning since you will not need to crank the thermostat down just to have a cooled room. So just by keeping the windows covered by quality vertical blinds, they will be able to save you money in unexpected ways.

Work With Experienced People

One last unexpected benefit of vertical window blinds and its window treatment is that it allows you to work with experienced companies like Total Window. When installing something so important in the most important room in the house, your bedroom, you want to make sure that the workers you hire are knowledgeable and qualified. A company like Total Window only hires the best of the best so that you can get the service you not only need but deserve. If you are looking for window services to acquire vertical blinds, contact Total Window today to receive a free consultation!

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