Tips For Choosing Best Orthopedic Surgeon

There are so many people who suffer from consistent joint pains, they try their best to get it cured through non-surgical procedure but it mostly turns out to be ineffective and surgical procedures don’t work out from them either. There are many hospitals which have got the best orthopedic surgeon in Karachi who have been practicing many successful orthopedic stem cell surgeries. Here are some tips on how you can choose the best orthopedic surgeon.

  • Get references: Ask for recommendations from friends and family about the surgeon you have chosen. Ask about their own experience (if they had online). You can also check out on their website online about how many surgeries have they conducted and what was the patient feedback. For your own feasibility we have attached the feedback from our client’s right on our own website.
  • Credentials: Certification and qualification is very important when it comes to choosing an orthopedic surgeon. This is because certification tells who whether a doctor has necessary training and skills that are required.
  • Experience: Considering the surgeons experience is also very important as the more the experience doctor has, the better the results are likely to be. You need to ask that how many surgeries have the surgeon conducted and how was the patients response to it.
  • Research on Hospital: The quality of care at the hospital is also one of the concerns as patients at better hospitals have fewer complications and better survival rates.
  • Communication style: The surgeon should always be welcoming and he/she should me you feel comfortable. You ask questions first and then see how they respond to get an idea about their communication style.
  • Patient feedback: See what other people have to say about the surgeon and their treatment style. You can also about their medical practices and the type of machinery that they were using.
  • Personal decision: Decide on whether you have to see the surgeon or not. It’s also advised to see a surgeon when pain gets intense. You can also take advice from your primary doctor about whether to visit a surgeon or not.

Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatment:

Orthopedics is a medical condition that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patients that are suffering with skeletal deformities- disorders of joints, bones, muscles, nerves and skin.

Stem cell treatments use patients own cells to treat their joints, which includes knees, shoulders, ankles, hip. These are the parts that are still causing pain after the non-surgical procedures and treatment methods. Injuries that occur to the more sensitive areas like spines have been improved with the help of stem cell therapies. Stem cells can be a very effective way of curing orthopedics. As the stem cell therapy has successfully been used for major orthopedic procedure especially in terms of bone-joint injuries.

At Alkhaleej clinics we are using the most efficient techniques and the latest machinery and equipment under the guidance of trained professionals and certified experts from abroad.

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