Tips for Choosing The Obagi Skin Care Product That’s Right For You

As with any skin care product, it is impossible to know exactly how your skin is going to react to a certain product. However, with tips, you may be able to determine ahead of time what will work for your face and what problem areas will be treated. With a brand such as Obagi, with such a wide variety of options to choose from, there are differences among every product. Here are a few tips to choosing the right obagi skin care products for you.

The Differences Of Systems

As with any brand, there are lines created to treat and assist with certain areas that are proven to be trouble. With the obagi products, there are four specific transformation systems that are a collection of multiple things in order to treat the problem that the line is focusing on. For those who are a few years older and looking to restore a more youthful look to their face would want to grab the nu-derm system. The nu-derm system is used to help correct hyperpigmentation, such as dark spots and melasma, while also improving signs of aging that are visible. With this particular line, they have two seperate options for people with normal to dry skin and for those with normal to oily skin. However, the the obagi-c rx system is also for correcting hyperpigmentation and improving visible signs of aging. But, this particular line needs to be prescribed by a physician as it is a lot more forceful on the areas it targets. The obagi-c rx also has options for normal to dry and normal to oily skin. With the obagi360 system, it is geared towards younger patients to prevent loss of radiance, dull/dry skin, and wrinkles. It’s purpose is to prevent the loss of youthfulness in the face. The last line that the obagi brand has out is the clenziderm M.D. system. This system is a complete acne treatment made for those who have normal to oily skin.

Essential Products & More

The products determined as essential are different from the transformation systems as they only protect the face and do not alter it in the way that the systems are meant to. There are the obagi hydrate moisturisers which are used to add moisture to the face as to prevent dryness. As well, there are the sun protection products which helps with protecting your face from sun exposure and it’s UV rays. In addition to essential products are the targeted solutions. One such targeted solution is the KeraPhine body smoothing lotion which is a solution that addresses rough/bumpy skin. It does so by exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface. Another product labeled as a target solution is the elastiderm eye product which improves the skin around your eye. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles/lines and improves the tightness of the skin. Tretinoin is another solution that is an acne vulgaris treatment that requires a prescription from a physician. The professional-c products is another part of the targeted solution line and contains vitamin c to target the appearance of aging skin. The last section of the targeted solutions line is retinol which is a popular treatment for improving skin complexion and texture. All these products have various purposes and were created to treat different problem areas.

How To Decide What Product Is Right For You

Depending on what areas you need to get targeted, the product you will need will vary. As well, if your skin type is normal, dry, or oily, you may require another option so that your skin does react negatively to the products. If you seem to be having difficulty with hyperpigmentation, with issues such as dark spots and melasma, then a nu-derm or obagi-c rx system would work best depending on how bad the issue with hyperpigmentation is. For someone who has a problem with acne or bumpy skin, they may require the KeraPhine body smoothing lotion or Tertionion. In order to get advice for whether or not you should be using obagi, you should consult your physician. Your physician should, ultimately, decide on if a certain obagi product will work for you and whether or not they recommend a different brand.

How To Get Obagi Products

If you wish to purchase any obagi product or line, you must buy them from a physician, medical spa, or any other skin care professional. Purchasing any products online does not guarantee that they’re authentic and will work. One particular place you can buy an obagi product from is Miami Beach Laser & Aesthetics, a medical spa in Miami. Buying products in person from a medical spa allows for you to consult with a certified physician and purchasing it from a place such as Miami Beach Laser & Aesthetics where the team is knowledgeable about the products they offer, will assist you in determining what works for your skin.

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