Types and Features of Shipping Cases

If you are a business owner and you need to transport your goods from one place to the other, then you must be aware of the importance of shipping cases for your industry. These cases are used to store different kinds of products, so that they remain safe and secured during journeys. You can now buy single or double boxed or even cases with drawers for shipping many items. The warranty period, maintenance guidelines and the durability of the cases must be checked before you go to hire or buy these containers.

Types Of Shipping Crates That You Can Avail:

Here are a few common types of shipping cases used in the industry today:

•Open top cases: The top of these cases can be removed completely, so that products of any height can store in them easily.

What About The Dry Storage And The Double Door Cases?

•Double door cases: These cases have double doors often available in 20 and 40ft sizes. They can be made up of iron or steel, and loading and unloading them is extremely easy and quick
•Flat rack cases: These cases have collapsible sides, which makes loading, unloading and transportation very easy and hassle free
•Dry storage cases: These are the most common types of shipping cases that come in standard sizes of 20, 40 and 100ft. They are most suitable for shipping dry materials of different types
Open side cases: These cases can open from the side, thus providing a wide room for loading and unloading of shipment
Insulated shipping cases: These are thermal cases that come with controlled temperature, so that they can maintain high temperature inside. Such cases are most suitable for products that need to be shipped for long distances
Refrigerated cases: Contrary to insulated cases, refrigerated ones are designed to maintain low temperatures during transportation. They are commonly used for shipping perishable items like vegetables, fruits etc.
Half height cases: These are often used for transporting goods like stones, coal etc., so that loading and unloading becomes extremely easy and convenient

Specifications To Look For

Before you buy your shipping cases, here are a few things to look out for:
Their size, including their height, width, length and diameter
Their weight capacity
Their volume capacity
Their tare weight
Their features, which include covers, collapsible, handles, locking mechanism, stackable or not, wheels, restricted access, storage of hazardous materials, insulation, temperature control etc.

Materials Available

There can be different types of materials used for making shipping cases. Some of them may be:

Steel: Steel is strong, yet light in weight. It is tensile, and can withhold high weight even if it is a large case in terms of size
Aluminum: Aluminum is an ideal material for making shipping and storage cases. It is light in weight, and strong enough to withstand heavy loads. It is also resistant to corrosion, EMI, solvents and impact. It does not melt or crack in extreme temperatures too.
Wood: Wood is easily available, it is biodegradable, and eco-friendly. It can be easily used to make cases without harming the environment.
Plastic: Plastic is cheap, strong and light in weight. Being a bad conductor of electricity, it works as a natural protector for electronic goods. Since normal plastic can melt at high temperatures, hard plastic is often used for making cases.

You can go for hiring or buying steel, wooden, PVC and even aluminum shipping cases. You must remember that you should buy a shipping case that can store and take large items, and you need to follow the different guidelines as given by different transportation rules of different companies.

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