Visiting the Beautiful Indian State of Goa

Goa is a small coastal state in the southwestern part of India. Despite being India’s smallest state by the diameter of its size it is also it’s most financially booming and the country’s fourth largest per population. But there is something else that Goa has become known for due to its beautiful beaches and it fun to party nightlife, it has become a well-known tourist attraction. Tourists from all over the world flock to Goa every year to take in its natural beauty and to have fun. However, for those wanting to go to this fun-filled spot in India they might be asking the question of what is the best time to visit Goa

Best to of Year to Visit Goa

The answer to the best time to visit Goa would really depend on the individual’s own preference and what they feel they can tolerate weather wise. For example, talk to a travel agent and they would no doubt say that the best time would be between the months of November through February of the following year. This is considered the peak season for tourist in Goa. The beaches are coal and pleasant individuals can swim, go sailing or parasailing. The nightclubs and party spots are all opened and the weather is at its best. In fact, during the month of December, one of Goa’s most notable festivals known as Sunburn takes place. There are also holiday festivities for those wanting to get into the Christmas spirit or wanting a memorable way to ring in the New Year.

Other Months in Goa

Now, some may be wondering at this point, is this the only time of year to travel to Goa? What about Spring Break when college students love to hit the beaches, what about the summertime when kids are out of schools and families to want to take a vacation together? Well, the four months mentioned above are the peak tourist season time in Goa mainly due to excellent weather conditions. As for the weather the rest of the year, well keep in mind that Goa is a tropical environment, that means that at certain times of year it can be quite humid in this part of the world. Well, there are some pros and cons to say spending Spring Break in Goa or going there during the summer.

First of all, the party spots usually aren’t open at this time of year, these are only open during peak tourist seasons. Second there it can tend to be hotter and more humid there, especially in the summer month. However, the advantages of though are that the place is a bit more secluded because these are considered the off tourist season. Therefore the beaches will seem more private, the storefronts less crowded, it can make for a peaceful and enjoyable vacation. It could be easier to book a tour to see some of the historical places around there and it can also be more economical to visit Goa in the off tourist season. So for those willing to brave some higher temperatures, this is still a good time in which to visit Goa. In fact, there is perhaps only one month out of the year that Goa isn’t recommended for tourism and that would be October since this is their heavy rain and monsoon season there. Bottom line Goa has plenty to offer practically all year round for someone who wants a unique and memorable vacation.

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