Want to create some engaging content? Look for these points!

Consumption of content is increasing but with the increasing number, the challenge to keep your content different and attractive is also increasing. According to surgery by 2020, 84% of the internet traffic will be video content. Moreover, we all have heard about the catchphrase that visuals speak 1000 words and videos speak a million or a trillion words. So it’s better to show than to tell people. As a human all of us loves videos.  But what comes as a challenge here is how to create engaging video content. Here are some tips that you can use to create an engaging video.

Know your audience

The first and foremost step is to know what your audience is expecting from you. If you don’t know about your audience then you will end up making some irrelevant content for them which they might even not trouble watching? You need to know who your audience is and what they want to look at. You can directly ask them or read other surveys.


No one likes a video where the audio is not clear or the visuals are blurry or the creator is mumbling. So just make sure you are using a good quality video camera and are confident about creating the video. You must also have a clear goal and objective in your mind. If you set clear goals then it will help you to have a clear focus and you will be able to meet your goals.

Spark curiosity

One should try to evoke curiosity in their viewers by using a simple yet thought-provoking headline. It should be catchy one so that viewers get curious about the content. It will give rise to many questions in their minds. Then by stimulating curiosity and leaving questions unanswered, you can spark curiosity.  And we all know curiosity is the key.

Incorporate captions

It is an underrated benefit of creating an engaging video. Including captions on your videos gives you numerous benefits. Firstly a person with hearing disability can also watch your video or a person knowing some other language can also be benefitted by your video if you have captions in them. One can easily get the captions translated

Be credible

Credibility is very important when it involves the public. Whatever you are showing in your video should be reliable and not fake. Trust is pivotal in the marketing world. If your viewers don’t trust you then they would never watch your video content. So the important point is to win the trust of the audience. This will increase your market value and reputation too.

Keep it short

If a video gets long then it’s said it gets boring too. And today no one has time to watch long and boring videos. You need to take care about the duration of your video to make it an engaging one. The content should be precise and brief. It should be to the point and don’t include unnecessary topics.

If you are facing any difficulty in following any of the tips then you can take help of a video production company or a video production agency. They are the experts of this field.

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