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Handful Ideas For 16th Birthday Party For Girl

We’ve got some fabulous ideas for your Sweet 16 party! (Or if you are looking to celebrate the sweet 16 of a loved one – be it your daughter, niece or so) We’ve got you covered.
Sweet 16s are as special as they can get. While our parents might or might not have celebrated it the same way, but parents definitely want to make their young one’s sweet 16 special no matter what. So let’s get started! Below are few ideas for a 16th birthday party for girls, & boys too!

Deciding On A Theme

Now in order to lay out a planned party that does not go haywire in the middle, you definitely need to have a theme that can bind the party together. You will have different friends coming in from various places, while some might be from your PE class, some might be from your calculus or ballet class or anywhere for that matter. Having a theme glues the party. You can plan out from following suggestive themes, be it:
A Diamond and denim theme
A beach theme
Chocolate Theme
Avoid monochromatic themes as they are boring
A masquarede party
Glittery like Gatsby
A nerdy, boho chic party layout
Disney theme (never too old for that)

So these were just a few suggestions when it comes to deciding a theme.

Keep The Party Food Fun & Simple

Once you are done with the theme, make sure you lay out a food menu too! A menu that has something for everyone. Take note of any allergies your friends might have and avoid those foods. Keeping the menu as simple and homely as possible works great too, but if you are throwing a full-fledged party, and there is catering involved, we’d suggest you go for a menu that best suits the taste of the party. It obviously needs to be prepared with the list of guests in mind. The number of guests, their preferences. You can shoot an email to your guests to get their preferences in advance before deciding on the party.

To make food fun, you can check out online for creative food serving ways. Since creating decorative food is definitely time taking unless you are a chef or food enthusiast, you can make it easy by simply serving your food in quirky ways. The internet is filled with such ideas, go have a look, you can find budget hacks for the same too!


Now this is the party where the whole party planning comes to a halt and you are focused on getting the highlight of the party, something that will stay with the sweet 16 bday girl or boy even after the party is over. So make sure you are able to find out something they have been wanting for a while now, might have mentioned in their talks or plan to get it for themselves. If you know the person well, it is easier to get a gift, if you don’t might as well speak to their close friends and try finding out.

Whereas for return gifts, it is a completely personal choice as I am not sure if everyone does it. If you want to organize a fancy treat, might as well have some quirky return gifts that can let the friends and family who were present on your sweet 16 to remember for. You can check out return gift ideas on sites like Pinterest and take your pick. Handcrafted items are always a hit, or something that is a useful gift should work too. The choice is yours!

So these were a few pointers you can take care of when looking for ideas for a 16th birthday party!

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