Why Choose A Stair Runner?

Before choosing one, one should know what a stair runner is. A stair runner is basically a piece of carpet that doesn’t cover the entire width of the stair rather it is installed over the hardwood or the tiled stairs. Runners are sold in almost every color and a plethora of patterns. Not only this, but these are also available in different widths. There are innumerable reasons for adding a runner to the staircase. One of the most common reasons is safety. In a home that houses children especially small children, it is risky to leave them like this due to the risk of falls and injuries. Also, wood and tiled stairs can be quite slippery and might become a reason for falls for the children, pets and elderly people. These are some of the reasons as to why a stair runner is used.

Not only does a stair runner reduces the chances of falls and provides a safe place to walk while moving up and down the stairs but it also adds to the comfort of the soft carpet that is placed underfoot. The carpet easily absorbs noise better and easier than any of the hard surfaces would do. Moreover adding a runner will make the trips up and down the stairs much quieter. Other than this, a stair runner also does the work of adding a style to the stairs and to the home as a whole. It is eye-catchy for the guests who visit your home. It creates a beautiful focal point in your home but the people must be sure that they select the proper runner.

Stair runner proposes a major problem when people go out to buy one. When considering a stair runner, people often wonder what length it must be of. They should always remember that the length of the stair runner will depend on the width of their stairs. If the stairs are approximately 3 feet wide then the runner would be of 27 inches. The width allocates good coverage so that the person doesn’t feel like he is walking on a narrow strip and it must also not be too wide to overpower the stairs.

If the customers have a staircase that falls outside the standard sizes that have been mentioned above then it would be beneficial for them only if they get a custom made stair runner for themselves. The entire stair runner can be tailored according to your expectations. Also, there are different types of patterns that are available and come in a plethora of colors and designs. The customers, however, must make sure that there are some patterns that are more effective on long and flat surfaces for example runner in a half and they don’t look good enough when bent. So, the runner must be chosen according to the type of staircase that you have. If the staircase is curved then it is of great concern as to what kind of runner would be fit for it.

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