Why Should You Enrol Your Child In Kids and Baby Swim Classes in Orange County

The very idea of putting your child in the water when they can barely take a step on their own is scary for many parents. That is a very common belief which needs to be broken according to many child specialists. Connection to water can be life changing for your children especially if you can introduce them to this element when they are mere toddlers. However, child specialists advice on not bringing children close to chlorinated water before they are six months old. Once they are that much of age, then you are free to get them into kids and baby swim classes in Orange County.

Swimming is one of the best known physical exercises that engages one’s body completely. Children especially should be introduced to swimming lessons at the earliest as it engages the child’s body in a completely different way. As your child kicks and glides through the water, it creates billions of neurons throughout their body. Not only that, child psychologists are of the opinion that kids who learn to swim between 1 to 4 years of age develop confidence and are less afraid and at the risk of drowning. There are various other benefits of enrolling your child for swimming lessons too which can help indecisive parents take a decision.

Following are some of the benefits of enrolling your child to swimming classes:

  • It helps in improving Cognitive functioning- It is said that bilateral cross-patterning movements is helpful in helping a baby’s brain grow. Bilateral cross-patterning movements uses both sides of the body for carrying out an action and this is also instrumental in building neurons throughout the brain especially in the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is responsible for helping feedback, communication and modulation. This in the long term helps the child in academic pursuits, reading skills, language development and more.
  • It helps in boosting confidence in children- Studies have shown that children who have taken swimming lessons develop more as strong individuals. They are known to grow up as confident individuals who have better self esteem, are more open and comfortable in social situations, have a zeal to succeed and show greater self-control.
  • Swimming helps to grow muscles- Your children can grow up to be physically fit with swimming classes from the beginning. Swimming helps to build muscle power. It helps in developing crucial muscles and also makes the joints strong and flexible.
  • Helps to improve Balance and coordination- Swimming can also help to improve coordination and balance. Spending quality time in the pool can help your child to learn how to move the arms and legs together. Learning small coordinated movements helps in your baby’s development.

Apart from these benefits, kids and baby swim classes in Orange County are instrumental in building strong relationships as well. Busy parents can take some time out and spend with their children in the pool. It not only helps them relax, but it is also great to see your children growing strong and having so much fun.

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