Why you need to get a Sanitary Napkin incinerator today

Do you know the amount of garbage disposed sanitary napkins results in, in India? Well studies suggest that the amount to almost close to 9,000 tonnes! Yes, that’s right, that is a lot of garbage and it has been estimated that to get rid of it completely, one will require quite a lot of years and by that time, you will have another ton of garbage ready. 

And that’s not all, used sanitary napkin incinerator are also a store house of diseases and hence manual scavengers who work with disposal contract various life threatening diseases in a bid to keep our surroundings clean. So what can be done about it? How can we do our bit, so that this problem can be kept in check? 

The answer is a simple and effective one – Sanitary Napkin Destroyer. 

A sanitary napkin incinerator or destroyer is basically a machine which helps you in not disposing off your napkin, wrapped in a newspaper. Once you are done using the napkin, when it comes to disposing it off, do not reach for the bin; instead, reach for this destroyer. Why? Well, when you place the used sanitary pad in there, using electrical energy, the used napkin will be burnt. Once you burn it, the problem of waste goes away! 

Not convinced? Well here are some practical reasons for which a sanitary napkin incinerator is a need of the hour: 

  • The environmental hazard is of course of primary importance. Why would you want to destroy the environment when you actually have the chance to save it? So opt for an incinerator, which will help in minimizing the waste and spread the message so that others can also start using the same and saving the environment. 
  • The next thing to take into consideration is that disposing used sanitary napkins gives rise to diseases. So when you are using an incinerator, you will be burning off the germs and what better way to say no to germs other than burning them? It will ensure complete destruction of disease causing bacteria and hence not only will be doing something for yourself, but for others as well. 
  • Coming to the more practical side of it – you will be minimizing the waste at your home as well. Your bathroom bins will not be crowded anymore or overflowing with used sanitary napkins. It of course makes waste disposal hassle free. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, a Sanitary Napkin Disposal machine is quite a handy one. You can think about installing it in a place where you can get rid of the smoke that will come out after the napkin burns. Its size makes it easier for you to place it anywhere you want and when you purchase from a reliable source, be rest assured, the machine will have all the required specifications. 

So, not only is using a sanitary napkin incinerator a good choice, but it is also a smart one. Say goodbye to your waste disposal worries and go ahead and opt for a sanitary napkin destroyer today!

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