Win-over your audience with an innovative video brochure

What happens when you combine the power of video with the traditional benefits of print? You get a video brochure!

An Lcd Video Brochure is a full-color LCD screen, with sound, in a branded card. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to communicate your business’ message clearly, consistently and succinctly. Your content can be easily viewed anywhere and anytime, without the need for an internet connection or AC power.

Video has rapidly become one of the most authentic and engaging marketing mediums of our time. Research says that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. Plus, people retain almost 95% of a video message, compared to only 10% of what they read in the text.

Video Brochure allows potential clients to engage in a unique, multi-sensory experience that informs and influences their decision about your product. They’re an effortless way to grab your audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression long after your conversation has ended.

Video In Print as a gift

In fact, companies that are using video brochures are gaining huge amounts of praise and recognition. Clients can’t help but watch them again and again, and CEOs have been known to steal them from employees’ desks!

But the fun doesn’t stop with prospects and clients. Video brochures are a versatile and creative way to attract vendors, employees, and other associates to your business too.

If you take a piece of paper, and draw a big cross on it, you’ll have a video in the top left corner, the top right corner, bottom right corner, bottom left corner, and when you put the cone in the middle of this, the cone is going to take all four of those videos and give you a three-dimensional hologram of that video in the middle of the prism. With video brochures, you can achieve fantastic results with pitches, direct mailers, magazine inserts, educational and training manuals, corporate reports, retail marketing, print marketing campaigns, and even video business cards.

If you’re looking to deliver an unforgettable pitch that will win over your audience and leave a lasting impression, a video brochure is a must-have.

As experts in video brochures, Custom Greeting Cards, Slidemaster’s experienced team of designers will create a larger-than-life brand message that your audience can hold in its hands.

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