Methods And Steps Of China Quality Control

There are some obvious benefits to producing all your goods in China but it is really important to keep eyes on the quality of the products that can arise at any time. Controlling quality for such products is a serious concern because of the language barrier, factory remoteness, cheap manufacturing process, lack of any strict government control and so on. The best solution is using an inspection company that is reliable and ensures quality assurance.

The Methodology of Quality Control

There are different types of inspections that can be performed throughout the process of production. in the entire china quality control, there comes some different stages and steps.

Methods And Steps Of China Quality Control

Failure testing

This method of china quality control is known as stress testing. this test process involves generally repeating the same methods several times like applying proper pressure equal to the human body on a specific chair, opening or closing a door etc.


As the products conform to the set of specifications provided by the purchaser, they are available in a different form of coloration, drawing etc.

Internal testing

The process of china quality control just does not involve inspections or inspectors but it is a consistent process to check the quality of every product. The inspectors will finally determine whether internal testing and checks are performed.

Conditions of the employee

Some reputed companies come up with a set of specific conditions that they mostly expect factories to comply with necessary working conditions and pay. One basis example can be whether there any child worker is being employed etc. This is actually the contentious issues and human factors not reliably confirmed always.

Process of performing the basic checks

As the order is placed, a well-skilled engineer or team of inspectors will be sent to the factory for inspections, unannounced often. They choose randomly a box of products and then open the box to examine. These products will be initially checked against the set of particular factors like button placement, color, size etc. there will some further testing also with specified equipment to identify more specific issues.

What is Failure Tolerance?

When the production companies get an order, usually the contract specified the failure tolerance rate. not all the products can be perfect, there may be the chances of human error or the imperfections of machines in the plastic moldings etc. but the rate of failure tolerance determines the amount of imperfections in every product is tolerated before the contract has been breached legally.

If the shipment fails to meet the necessary inspections and quality standard, the company should be entitled legally to reject the entire shipment.  Generally, the outright rejections are very uncommon but they can occur. The result here can be the fix request where the products need to be re-polished, remade or re-sprayed. A fix can be made in every chance like colorations of the surface, fixing the electric issues etc.

When you are hiring china quality control Company, they will perform all such steps of inspection to ensure that every product is perfect in condition.

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