Are You In A Committed Relationship? 4 Signs You May Look For

Perhaps, you have been dating your partner for years, and it seems to you that things are going great. But the truth is you will never know whether things are going great unless and until your partner tells you what exactly he or she feels about you. Agree with us? If yes, you might be wondering what the best ways to know whether you are in a happy and healthy relationship or whether your partner is committed to you.

Are You in A Committed Relationship? 4 Signs You May Look For

To get your answer, you can look out for some obvious signs, mentioned in the below section. All these signs indicate that you and your partner are in a happy and committed relationship indeed.

  1. You Two Speak about Yourself as “We”

According to relationship counsellors, partners who feel committed to each other often speak about themselves as “we.” For instance, when someone asks a committed person, “What is your plan for this weekend?” rather than answering, “I will attend a party,” he or she will say, “We will attend a party.” This is how; a committed partner is different from others who are not serious about their relationship. Are you one of them? Just think about it.

  1. You Two Got Matching Tattoos

Getting tattoos means making years of commitment since they stay forever. People usually get inked when they are ready to make this commitment. Couples who are committed to each other often get matching tattoo designs to show the world how special they are to each other.

Are you one of them? Do you two have couple tattoos? If you answer positively to this question, then it’s a sign that you two are serious about each other and looking for a long-term relationship.

If you are planning to get more matching tattoos together, make sure you visit one of the best tattoo parlours in Melbourne or your nearby location. Tattoos shops that obey all safety rules and maintain a clean environment are the best places to get inked.

  1. You Two Are Highly Satisfied

One of the most obvious signs of commitment is satisfaction. To understand how committed you are to each other, just ask yourself how satisfied you feel with each other. Once you give an honest answer to this question, you will understand whether you are in a committed relationship.

  1. You Two Signed for a Couple Contract

Things like getting a couple of contracts or buying a property together are clear signs that you are in a long-term relationship or are committed to each other. Partners usually sign for contracts when they know that their relationship is a forever thing. Breaking a contract is not that easy as it sounds, and committed couples know this very well. They still choose to create such a contract because they are serious about each other.

Now that you have read this post, you might have got your answer or understood whether you are in a happy and committed relationship. In case you and your partner are thinking about getting new matching tattoos together, make sure you pick up suitable designs.

Because of making any rash tattoo decisions, you may have to go through laser tattoo removal in Melbourne or anywhere else. So, just conduct thorough research beforehand and get eye-catchy inking designs that speak about your cute and strong relationship.

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